How to write a good fanfiction with an oc

I do not own Harry Potter or anything else you recognize in this guide. Your review has been posted. Moving on to OC2.

Treat sensitive topics rape, incest, etc. Join Ashlyn Dubreas and her friends as they try to stop the new threat from leading the Galaxy into another war.

Peter Peruses Parker final got everything he wanted, wife, kids and peace, but of course the Parker Charms has its ways and he is forced to leave, again. A girl does not need to be called Ryder or Everleigh, or Sparrow.

But now, she has something important to tell the two of them, which could completely change her life as she knows it.

How to write a good fanfiction?

I Will Catch You by fanficsawaityou Prompt: You must figure out what brought the characters together. Think about yourself for a moment.


Second, if Sirius and OC1 hate each other, fight, call names, prank, and whatnot, only to eventually fall madly in love, why even have Lily and James in the story at all. Think of Draco and his arrogance about his heritage, or Cormac's surety of his Quidditch skills.

To write a column for the Daily Prophet and still continue his art on the side. Hermione has bushy hair and buck teeth; Luna has eerily large eyes; Tonks can make her nose look like a pig snout when she choose too; Pansy looks like a pug.

Many years under Snoke's thumb has made Vex obedient. Read and find out. The following episode is called "The Bully. They would be a wealth of information about all things Quidditch, but were you to ask them for the Charms homework, they would not have a clue.

Take those things and work them into your character. Do you want to write a funny spoof. First story so please no flames. All you need for the main Clan is your basic Leader, deputy medicine cat.

Angular face with a sharp nose, slightly arched eyebrows, full lower lip, upturned eyes the color of grass. Maybe she always had a crush on Sirius or James, but once she learns of his condition, she sees just how strong and brave he has to be and loves him for it in the end. Six months ago, everything changed.

She wants to move out of the house as soon as possible and get her own little place and make it on her own. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong.

I am simply speaking my mind and if you can't handle it, too bad. She knew that he and Lily did not get along, but she chose to remain unbiased for the sake of the team.

She is friendly enough with everyone, but prefers to practice Quidditch or hang out with Caradoc than spend time with a large group of people.

A "good OC" is the sort of OC most authors write about. That is, a "good OC" is a surefire way to ruin your reputation as an author. In fact, if you're planning to write a good OC story.

When a Snape Isn't a Snape (Staying in Character): A good rule of thumb in writing is to Remember the Audience. It doesn't matter if your audience is grandmothers, fifteen year olds, or just yourself.

You need to keep them in mind when you are writing. When you're writing fanfiction, you are writing for fans. Nov 14,  · Fanfics don't need to be conventionally narrative or prose either.

You can write your fanfic as poetry, or write up a tableau of a character's mental state during a given scene%(61). Good choices include Carla, Rebecca, Beth, Kara, Annette, Ella, Sophie, Sarah, Jill, Haley, Kayla (truly! Haha), Martha, Belle, Edith (Edie), and Violet. Be careful if you search names on Google or a name website, because often what they consider 'old-fashioned' are just names that sound too out-there to be normal right now.

I'm currently beginning to write a fanfic and I plan to have an OC be Naruto's teacher for a bit and have them be a recurring character but before I even start to write, I want to get some tips on writing an OC because I'm quite new to writing fanfics.

An OC is a short way of saying Original Character, which is a unique character made by you. The type of OCs we'll be talking about are the ones used to write fanfictions and roleplays. There are many OCs created every day, but not all of them have what it takes to be believable and loved.

How to write a good fanfiction with an oc
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How to Create a Believable Original Character for Fanfiction