How to write a sentence with the word but

Contemporary writers mostly side with Lutz. Then he said, Listen now to my second word of wisdom. Russell throws chalk erasers at their heads. You will see that adding a main clause completes the thought: Every new word Helen learns seems to carry with it necessity for many more.

The two opening lines, and the question The result. This vivid description elevates eating curry to an exotic experience full of joy.

The regimental commander ran forward on each such occasion, fearing to miss a single word of the commander-in-chief's regarding the regiment. Sometimes you might begin a group of words with a capital letter, then conclude with an end mark, but forget to insert a main clause anywhere in the mix.

If the conditions weren't sterile—a word that was not even comprehended at the time—the inoculation didn't work, or worse, introduced a new disease. And I don't believe a word that Hardenburg says, or Haugwitz either. I remember the morning that I first asked the meaning of the word, "love.

The important point to remember is that every sentence must have at least one main clause. There he cared for them with love and kindness; but no word did he speak in their hearing. He was standing close to the door and as soon as it opened his rough old arms closed like a vise round his son's neck, and without a word he began to sob like a child.

But unless you are actually on the site, how do you know.

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Not an essay, not a poem, not a bunch of random thoughts, no musings. All were looking at the enemy in front and at the squadron commander, awaiting the word of command. Colors are richer, contrast is greater, and images are sharper and more vivid.

Back to Top - Compound or complex sentence Do not confuse a compound sentence with a complex sentence. They flaunt their learning but revel in the loose-fitting ligatures of speech and thought. It served him right, sitting there like that with barely a word in her defense.

Generally, the punctuation looks like this: Check out these revisions to the subordinate clauses above: Without another word he road away from the wagons. Otherwise, you have a fragmenta major error.

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We were not born in that age that had no word for change. Good writers, who have a full understanding of the sentence, occasionally choose to write a sentence fragment. If a main clause exists in the sentence, you can attach whatever other sentence elements you need.

My dog Floyd, who loves pizza crusts, eats them under the kitchen table, where he chews and drools with great enthusiasm. Back to Top - Omit unnecessary phrases Avoid writing phrases that add nothing to the meaning of a sentence. Cola spilled over the glass and splashed onto the counter.

My dog Floyd, who loves pizza crusts, eats them under the kitchen table, where he chews and drools with great enthusiasm.

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The text paints a clear picture by using vivid imagery—rickshaw, meandering waterways, Mekong delta. Correct Back to Top - Main point of sentence When writing a sentence, the main point you are trying to put across should preferably be in the beginning.

Thus, the relative clause is essential and requires no commas. His movements were deliberate as he walked toward her - as if he were measuring every word he was about to say.

He may have spent time there or read about the place; we only had his word to the contrary. I just got word that my father had a heart attack. A rambling sentence is quite easy to spot. He listened without saying a word as I revealed everything, including Julie's effort to collect the million dollars.

Often times in writing, we know what we want to say, but it doesn't seem to come out right. In this video we will learn the steps needed to improve your writing with better sentence structure.

Ending with a digression, or with an unimportant detail, is particularly to be avoided. If the paragraph forms part of a larger composition, its relation to what precedes, or its function as a part of the whole, may need to be expressed.

The Clause Recognize a clause when you see one.

Express Yourself in Better Ways with Brand New Sentence Checker

Clauses come in four types: main [or independent], subordinate [or dependent], relative [or adjective], and clause has at least a subject and a characteristics will help you distinguish one type of clause from another.

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Write the sentence again, using the word in brackets. The meaning must stay exactly the .

How to write a sentence with the word but
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